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3B District Court

The District Court is a court of limited jurisdiction. All criminal cases are started in the District Court. No clerk is permitted to give legal advice.

The District Court hours are established to accommodate everyone who has business with the court and to provide sufficient time for the Judges and staff to properly handle the caseload.

The 3B District Court is a weapons free court. Please do not bring any weapons to any court appearance. This applies even if you have a concealed weapons permit. All persons and packages entering the courts building are subject to being searched.

If you need special accommodations for hearing, sight or disability, please notify the court so that accommodations can be made.

* 2015 3B District Court Annual Report PDF (PDF)



The District Court is broken down into four main divisions:

* Criminal Division
Cases handled in this division include major traffic and misdemeanor offenses, felony charges, liquor, conservation, watercraft, and animal violations. Most of these violations require a personal appearance before a Judge or Magistrate. Note: Failure to be present for any criminal proceeding as required may result in an issuance of a bench warrant.

* Traffic Division
Traffic civil infractions, and minor traffic misdemeanor offenses are handled by the Traffic Division. You may schedule an Informal Hearing with the Traffic Clerk or pay preset fines in this division daily.

* Probation Division
Sentencing by the court may result in probation, which requires specified periods of time that an individual must report to a Probation Officer of this division.

* Civil Division
The Civil Division processes Civil suits, Small Claims cases, Landlord-Tenant disputes and Land Contract cases. The Court handles civil suits up to $25,000 while Small Claims cases provide an inexpensive forum for resolving money disputes up to $5,500.


Please be advised that the Michigan legislature recently passed Electronic Filing Legislation. The legislation requires District Courts to collect an “electronic filing system fee” in addition to the existing filing fees when commencing an action in the District Court, regardless of whether the action is filed electronically.

The increase in the filing fee is as follows:

$10 for civil actions filed in the District Court, including summary proceedings actions.

$20 for civil actions filed in the District Court if a claim for money damages is joined with a claim for relief other than money damages.

$5 for civil actions filed in the small claims division of the District Court.

The effective date of the increased fee is March 1, 2016.


Online Traffic Citation, District Court Fines and Probation Payments

GOVPAYNETPay traffic citation, District Court fines and probation payments to District Court online with a credit card.


Our Pay Location Code (PLC) is #1589.

Credit Card Logos

A service fee will be charged for this payment method.

Note: if your license is suspended due to an unpaid citation; credit card payments are delayed between 5-7 business days and immediate clearances are not available. You cannot legally drive until you receive the clearance card in the mail from the court showing payment has been received and processed.



Filing Fees for Civil Cases

Landlord/Tenant & Land Contract Forfeiture
Complaint Only $55.00
Complaint with claim for money damages:  
  Does not exceed $600 $90.00
  Exceeds $600, but not $1,750 $110.00
  Exceeds $1,750 but not $10,000 $130.00
  Exceeds $10,000 $215.00
Order of Eviction or Writ of Restitution $15.00
Small Claims
  Claim does not exceed $600 $41.15
  Exceeds $600, but not $1,750 $61.15
  Exceeds $1,750 $81.15
Note: Add an additional $11.15 mailing fee for each defendant listed on the claim.
The maximum dollar amount you can file for in Small Claims is $5,500.
Civil Cases
  Does not exceed $600 $35.00
  Exceeds $600, but not $1,750 $55.00
  Exceeds $1,750 but not $10,000 $75.00
  Exceeds $10,000 $160.00
The maximum dollar amount you can file for in a Civil Case is $25,000.
Claim & Delivery
Claim & Delivery Fee $75.00
  Does not exceed $600 $110.00
  Exceeds $600, but not $1,750 $130.00
  Exceeds $1,750 but not $10,000 $150.00
  Exceeds $10,000 $235.00
Fees shall be waived or suspended if the person is receiving public assistance or is determined by the court to be indigent.
Other Fees: MCR 2.119(6)
A motion fee of $20.00 shall be assessed for all motions filed in civil actions, regardless of the amount in controversy. (Issues going before the court such as in "Installment Payments Order")


Payment Information

Payments of fines/costs must be tendered in cash, money order, certified check, or credit card.

Payments of Traffic Citations, Court Fines and Probation can be made with a credit card by calling 1-888-604-7888 or on the Internet (see notice on the top of this page). Government Payment Service will assess fees for this service. You must input the Pay Location Code (PLC) #1589.

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District Court Judges

Jeffrey C. Middleton - Chief Judge
Robert K. Pattison

District Court Administrator

Tabitha Wedge

Magistrate/Judicial Associate

Mark Books
Autumne Keifer
Tabitha Wedge

District Court Probation Officers

Gina Wagner
Daniel Frazine
Autumne Keifer

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 67
Centreville, MI 49032

Office Information

3B District Court
125 W. Main St.
Centreville MI, 49032
Courts' Building - First Floor
*Driving Directions

Hours: M-Th, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
F, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
*Closed on County Holidays

Phone Numbers:
Criminal Division: (269) 467-5627
Traffic Division: (269) 467-5503
Probation Division: (269) 467-5541
Civil Division: (269) 467-5505
Fax Number: (269) 467-5611