Land Resource Centre: Tax Maps

Tax Maps File Information and Recommended Programs and Settings

The online Tax Maps are in Portable Document Format (PDF) and require a PDF viewing program. Adobe Reader 10 or newer (Adobe Website) is recommended. The file size of the Tax Maps typically range between 30 KB to 200 KB depending on the features of each individual map.

The online Tax Maps contain interactive links which, when clicked, download and display separate PDFs of townships, sections, quarter-sections, cities and villages.

For the online Tax Maps to function properly, you must enable PDF viewing within your web browser and enable the use of links within PDFs.

If your web browser is incapable of viewing PDFs within the browser, the PDFs will be downloaded to your PC and will open in Adobe Reader or your preferred PDF viewing program and the links in the online Tax Maps will not function. 64-bit web browsers are typically incompatible with 32-bit PDF viewers and are incapable of displaying PDFs in the browser window. A 32-bit web browser is not only recommended but may be a requirement for the Tax Maps to be opened within the web browser and for the links to function properly.

The interactive map (below) requires the Adobe Flash Player (Adobe Website), a free download.


Users Without Adobe Flash Player

If you do not have or use flash, you can can start searching the Tax Maps by selecting a city, township or village from the listing below or by opening the the St. Joseph County PDF Tax Map PDF (PDF - 662 KB).


More Information

* What's in a Tax Map? PDF (PDF - 623 KB)
A PDF explaining the layout, notations and contents of Tax Maps.

* What's in a Parcel Number? PDF (PDF - 186 KB)
A PDF explaining the parcel numbering system and what information is contained within a parcel number.


For more information about tax maps, contact Geographic Information Systems at (269) 467-5576.

* Go to the Plat & Condo Maps Page


City, Township, Village Listing

Choose a city, township, or village from the list to load its starting tax map in a separate browser/tab.

* Burr Oak Township
* Burr Oak Village
* Centreville Village
* Colon Township
* Colon Village
* Constantine Township
* Constantine Village
* Fabius Township
* Fawn River Township
* Florence Township
* Flowerfield Township
* Leonidas Township
* Lockport Township
* Mendon Township
* Mendon Village
* Mottville Township
* Nottawa Township
* Park Township
* Sherman Township
* Sturgis Township
* Three Rivers City
* White Pigeon Township
* White Pigeon Village


Interactive Map

Below is the interactive County Tax Map. This interface requires the Adobe Flash Player. If the tax map is visible, you already have the Flash Player. Simply click a township or area in the Flash movie to view detailed tax map information. You may need to disable the pop-up blocker in your web browser or temporarily allow pop-ups from this website for the interactive map to function properly.

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