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Land Resource Centre: Property Records and Tax Information Searches

Property Records, Tax and Delinquent Tax Search Options:

Property Records Search:

The property records search is a free search provided through this website which shows the following:

  • Property Owner (as of the latest update)
  • Parcel ID
  • Address
  • Legal Description
  • Taxable and Assessed Values
  • Tax Amounts
  • Property Class
  • School District
  • Most Recent Sale

This information is periodically updated and contains the three latest tax years.

NEW! - Try the new free Fetch parcel search for additional property information and nightly updates of county data.

Search By: Year(s):
Owner Street Parcel ID

Tax & Delinquent Tax Searches:

These searches are fee based search services which show additional information not available through the free Property Records Search.


The searches show the most current information on record at St. Joseph County, the individual local government units or the BS&A website.


Information for properties you own is free provided you register for an account with the service and associate the tax payer name with your account.


  • St. Joseph County Search: (BS&A Website)
    St. Joseph County search for current delinquent tax.

    Current tax and building and land information is only available through the local government units' searches.


  • Local Units' Searches: (BS&A Website)
    Individual searches of local government units (cities, townships and villages) for current tax, Principle Residency Exemption, building and land and other property information.


Property Records Search Instructions & Tips

Searching by Owner:

* Use the format: <LastName> <FirstName> <MiddleInitial>

* Entering: <LastName> will result in all properties with owners having <LastName>
Example: Entering SMITH will result in all properties with an owner having the last name of SMITH.

* Entering: <LastName> <FirstInitial> will result in all properties with owners having <LastName> <FirstInitial>
Example: Entering SMITH J will result in all properties with an owner having the last name of SMITH and the first initial of J SMITH JAMES B SMITH JAMES T SMITH JOHN SMITH JOHNATHON.

* Do not use commas or periods.


Searching by Street:

* Street searches use the format: <street number> <street name>

* Entering: <street name> will result in all properties with <street name> in the address.
Example: Entering MAIN will result in all properties located on MAIN:
12673 MAIN
417 N MAIN
103 S MAIN

* Entering: <street number> <street name> will result in all properties with that exact address.

* Do not enter city or zip, only the street number and name are searched.

* "Street" is abbreviated as "St" (without quotations). "Road" is abbreviated as "Rd" (without quotations). "North" and "South" would be abbreviated as "N" and "S" respectively. Do not enter a period after the abbreviations.


Searching by Parcel ID:

* Use the format: <### ### ### ##>

* Enter numbers only.

* Do not separate numbers with dashes, use spaces.
Example: 004 334 222 05 is correct.
004-334-222-05 is incorrect.

* Do not enter "75", the St. Joseph County number, before the Parcel ID when searching. This number is not used within our local databases.


Information in the Property Records Search is believed accurate as of
February 10, 2017 - 2:00 pm, but not guaranteed.

P.R.E. and current Building and Land Information is available through the local units' searches.

The information for City of Sturgis, Colon Township, or Leonidas Township is not routinely updated.
Contact the local unit Assessor for current information.

For City of Sturgis, view the City of Sturgis website. For Colon Township call 269-432-3371.
For Leonidas Township call 269-496-7837.

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